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MomFair is a movement. We are banding with like-minded companies who believe that work and family are not mutually exclusive. Who believe that cultural change can be made one workplace at a time. That by working together to find solutions to help today's families and support parents in their ability and desire to work, we can shift the current status quo. Moms want and need to work. Companies want to retain quality employees, intellectual knowledge and expertise. By sponsoring MomFair LIVE! you become part of this community, part of this dialogue, part of our conferences and have access to our resources, experts and problem solvers. Join us now!

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What it Means to Be a Mom Boss

Nicole Feliciano is a "mom boss", an entrepreneur and busy mom of two. For the last ten years she's been sharing her personal finds and interests with like-minded moms on her site, MomTrends and has gathered other like-minded moms to her team along the way.

I recently met Nicole at the LA Baby Show where our MomAngeles team caught up with her on the Red Carpet (see video below) and I picked up a copy of her Mom Boss book while she was there, all about her journey to mom-evolved self-employment along with the stories of more than twenty other mom bosses across the country - all initiated out of a desire to be more accessible to their families while creating a fulfilling career for themselves. Moms like Kimberly Inskeep of Cabi, Brooke Stewart of Power Moms...

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Shark Ninja and Bandolier Want Your Work Life Style To Be Easier

As busy working moms amenities, gadgets and a little style can make things easier. Having the right tools in the kitchen help you prepare for your day or makes lunches and dinner time a little easier. Our partners at Shark and Ninja understand that mom life is hectic which is why they create so many wonderful products to make your home chores a little easier and more enjoyable.

Stepping out the door with a polished look is also sometimes a challenge. Not everyone has natural effortless style.  Bandolier is here to help. Pop your iPhone 6 into their stylish carrying case and throw it over your shoulder and go. You won't lose your phone and you'll look sharp when wearing it!

When you attend MomFair LIVE! in Atlanta you are immediately entered to win one...

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how to reenter your career after an empty nest going back to work

What's next? Planning Your Career Reentry After the Kids Are Off to College

Lots of things go way too fast. A cool glass of Chardonnay after a hard day, any vacation on any beach, and your kid's childhood.

Before you can begin to imagine it, they're graduating from diapers and then from high school. (There are a few years in between, but you get what I'm saying.)

Before you know it you've gone from mom to mom-of-a-budding-grownup and it's time to reimagine your life as a civilian again. My daughter is now in high school, I can see the finish line ahead. College is looming. And I'm nervous. That big existential question, "what the hell am I going to do with the rest of my life", now wakes me in the middle of the night.

It's time for me to restart my career.

I've continued to work, somewhat.  I've taken a string of part time and freelance gigs that allowed me to pick my daughter up...

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